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Man Up in Le Petit Richard

Shooting Love Tank Let Petit Richard

You might have guessed that the origin of Le Petit Richard comes from the mind of a French guy. Well this particular French guy has spent the past few years getting drunk at festivals, drawing penises on clothes, strangers, and anything else that crossed his path. And from these fun-filled roots in festival fields Le Petit Richard was born. 
Le Petit Richard is now co-owned by two Australian men who believe that a real man is one who isn't afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, and show a little vulnerability to get to where he wants to go.
Adopting an accepting, open and laid back Aussie attitude, the Le Petit Richard man demonstrates self-expression with humour and confidence. And you’ll certainly need a light heart and confidence to wear it.
So it's time to man up and start spreading the love by checking out our range and getting your own Le Petit Richard here.

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